See a Doctor qualified in Dermoscopy for a more accurate diagnosis 

Treatment and Surgical Excisions to an advanced level are also offered at MoleMedic

MoleMedic is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society


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These lesions are images from MoleMedic files - Melanoma diagnosed early enough can be successfully treated

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At MoleMedic your skin cancer check is with a Doctor who is fully qualified Doctor in Dermoscopy,  and who is also accredited by the Skin Cancer College Australasia

You are checked for all skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, not just melanoma. Any lesion that is in any way questionable will be checked using a dermatoscope. 

Images of suspicious and significant lesions or moles may be digitally recorded for future comparison. You will leave your appointment knowing whether there is any further treatment needed, and when you should next be recalled for review. 

During your appointment Dr Wills will discuss with you whether any further treatment or monitoring is required. Not all skin cancers need to be treated surgically.  You can make an informed choice about follow up or treatment without delay. 

Our doctors have extensive experience and expertise in the removal of melanoma and other skin cancers. 

If necessary, an excision can be arranged within a short time,  or a referral back to your own GP can be set up if you prefer. 

At the end of your appointment further review and recall will be discussed and arranged

You are checked for all skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, not just melanoma. Dermoscopy gives more certainty in making an accurate diagnosis of malignant melanoma and in advising whether an excision of the mole is necessary. 

Your significant and suspicious lesions and moles may be digitally imaged and recorded for future clinical comparison.

If you have health insurance with Southern Cross Health Society, your skin examination and any subsequent treatment is covered under the terms of your policy. Some Southern Cross members elect an 80 % cover, or opt for an excess.

Please provide your Southern Cross membership number and date of birth prior to your appointment. We are required to obtain prior approval for you before your appointment. 

Please note that Southern Cross Health Society covers only skin cancer examinations. Digital imaging & recording is not paid for by Southern Cross Health Society and may be charged separately by MoleMedic