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Melanoma Danger Factors – Are you at risk?

A close family member with skin cancer

Fair skin, blue eyes, blond or red hair

Many moles

Badly sunburnt in childhood

Use of sunbeds

Sunburn easily

Outdoor worker

Keen sportsperson


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Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma and Skin Cancers

At MoleMedic your skin cancer check is with a Doctor who is fully qualified Doctor in Dermoscopy, and who is also accredited by the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

You will be checked for all skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, & Melanoma.

Any lesion that is in any way questionable will be checked using a dermatoscope. Dermoscopy gives more certainty in making an accurate diagnosis of malignant melanoma and in advising whether an excision of the mole is necessary. Your significant and suspicious lesion/s or mole/s may then be digitally imaged and recorded for future clinical comparison.

Cost for Skin Cancer Checks

Single Lesion Examination: $125

First Consultation – Full Skin Cancer Check: $265

Annual / Subsequent Full Skin Cancer Check : $225

MoleMedic is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society. For members of Southern Cross Health Society the cost of a skin cancer check is covered.

The percentage cover is subject to the terms of your specific policy – some members elect for 100% cover, others for 80% cover, or higher excesses.

Some lesions may be digitally imaged for clinical records and future comparison.

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Melanoma diagnosed early enough can be successfully treated